teresa (lying_awake) wrote,

all i do lately is read work drink tea work read work read drink tea and sleep. i wish there was something more interesting happening around these parts. teavana makes me study and take tests which is awful. they are hard. im going to see brand new in november. so i have that going for me. the new cd isnt as good as i want it to be. im still and really amped on it though. im going to go study now. someone buy me a dvd player. and some mentos. bye.

  • ohhhh hiiiiiiii

    this thing is silly. i always regret coming to check it because i get so wrappped up in stuff from years ago that dont really matter. okay…

  • 2011

    ive had you forever.

  • (no subject)

    bye 010. hi livejournal. remember me?

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