teresa (lying_awake) wrote,

there is way too much snow in my life these days. i gotta get outta here. on the bright side my tattoo is basically healed and i had a dream i was in the jersey shore. so yeah theres that. i want to go romp around or something. i feel cooped up. always. umm what elseeeeee im going to see saves the day and new found glory next month with suzie bean. i wish she would move home agian so i could see her on the regs. my new phones doesnt have spell check which is a huge issue. everyone is going to realize how retarded i am. incase anyone was wondering i wish mickey was home. nope? you dont care? thats fine. i also wish i didnt have to walk upstairs to get some grape juice. i really want to watch shes the man or true blood or something but my dvd player is being a huge twat. blah blah blah i only use this cause noone reads it.


  • ohhhh hiiiiiiii

    this thing is silly. i always regret coming to check it because i get so wrappped up in stuff from years ago that dont really matter. okay…

  • 2011

    ive had you forever.

  • (no subject)

    bye 010. hi livejournal. remember me?

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