teresa (lying_awake) wrote,

im on my parents desktop from like 1971 which is going really well for me. my laptop shat the bed im pretty sad about it. i keep finding awesome things while i wait for my ipod to charge though. including a one free back rub coup from chris which clearly i still need to cash in. oooop and i just found my polaroid. MIKE SNOW THIS IS DIRECTED AT YOU.  im sitting in silence freezing up here. itunes on this beast wont open. i dont know how i survived having to get out of bed to use my computer for so many years. poor highschool me.  on an unrelated note someone please buy my blackberry. on another unrelated note i found this awesome mint lip gloss in here from highschool(i cant decide if thats gross or not but i totes used it anyway) and im really loving every second of it. wicked weird mood going to lurk stuff. seeya SUCCCKKKKAAAAAA.


  • ohhhh hiiiiiiii

    this thing is silly. i always regret coming to check it because i get so wrappped up in stuff from years ago that dont really matter. okay…

  • 2011

    ive had you forever.

  • (no subject)

    bye 010. hi livejournal. remember me?

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