teresa (lying_awake) wrote,

ohhhh hiiiiiiii

this thing is silly. i always regret coming to check it because i get so wrappped up in stuff from years ago that dont really matter. okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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What a pleasant evening after a long and busy day, searching through the internet and found your profile on this website. Please forgive my manner, it's so unusual for me to be so forward but i think it will be nice if i could take advantage of this little time to say hi to a beautiful stranger.

If i should say. Honestly, you look so cute in that pics of you and i won't mind if we can be friends atleast just for a start. I am learning how to meet people easily and try to make some new friends. I have lived most of my life being lonely and to be sincere. after loosing my late wife, life has been so much miserable and boring to me and sometimes it makes me feel like good things will never come my way again. I always pray to God for better tomorrow everyday. Now, I think its high time i wake up from my dream and continue with life. I must tell you. I need a good person who will at-least start as a friend and keep my company. I really don't care the distance. I see no reason why i can't move or go anywhere so far i am going to start a good life there. I believe i can meet my soul mate anywhere in the world so far she still exist. Every one knows good things does not comes easy and i am ready to go extra mile searching for the right person. Though, i know relationship is not really about finding the right person but it is by creating the right relationships however, we are all humans and we have tastes and kinds. I am just searching for a good, honest, caring woman, someone who has a good sense of humor and will love me for who i am. Well, i think i should stop here though. but i will like to let you know. I seldom check on websites like this but i will appreciate at-least a drop of message in my email so i can be rest assured you received my message because it will be a privilege for me to hear from you again. My e mail is dw195s@yahoo.com

Stay Blessed. Daniel